Old Timer Charters

Steelhead and Walleye Charters in Erie, Pennsylvaina on Lake Erie with Captain Vincent Silvaggi

Welcome to Old Timer Fishing Charters.  We are a full service fishing charter that operates out of Erie Pennsylvania.  

There is nothing like fishing Lake Erie for walleye,perch,steelhead, and lake trout. I run the Old Timer Charter service on Lake Erie simply because I have been fishing it most of my life.

Book early for a prime date for the best early fishing anywhere. Lake trout trips start in April and spring walleye trips start the beginning of May. We offer both night time and day time trips.


* Steelhead: In early spring and late fall we will be trolling the mouths of the Lake Erie tributaries using spoons and stick baits to catch the steelhead that are looking to spawn.

*Lake Trout: We start to fish early spring through late fall in the deeper colder waters at the eastern end of the PA waters. We will be trolling for these beasts using spoons, flashers, divers, and lead core.

*Walleye: Starting in early May we start fishing the skinny water for post spawn walleye that are feeding on the smolts and baitfish at the creek mouths. As the water warms up we start fishing in the deeper water and change tactics as the fish move to deeper colder water.

*Perch: From ice out in March- May we target the spawning Perch while they are in the bay and shallow water in the lake. As fall aproaches we target them again from late September until the ice starts to form again. 


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